pic: Team 121 Tube Grabber

Team 121’s Tube Grabber.

I see a resemblence to 2005’s drive system with the colson caster wheels. Awesome looking manipulator 121, you guys will certainly be another force to be reckoned with this year.

WOW! that looks amaazing! great job guys:)

Beautiful. Do those move like treads or are they just rubber bands?


Cool idea! Either way, [treads or rubber bands] I think will work very well.

its just plain o simple polycord =D

will be doubled up once we get the rest of our parts in

Do all of the elastic bands run off of a motor? (Do they all move?)

Yea they do, watch the American robot video and you can see the prototype working.

ya to detail it… there is 1 window motor running top 1 for bottom.

the orange is the drive “chain”

the green are the “control cords”