pic: TEAM 1213 GROVES HS

Let's let the flood of pictures begin! tell me what you think of ours!

What gear ratio are you using between the CIM and drill? Drill in low is at 450 rpm and the CIM is at 5000(?) rpm. This is greater than 10:1, not matching close will cause one motor to add inefficiencies to your system. Of course your robot looks pretty light right now so this is not a big concern right now.

As you add systems the inefficiencies will show up in battery drain. Possibly a big factor at the end of a match.

I love the picture of your robot climbing the cabinet! Add an anti-gravity unit and you will get up on top! :slight_smile:

Maybe the bosch will be locked into high? At least thats what the gearing would suggest. That is a very lightweight looking drivebase, always a nice thing to have.

Not sure if its the lighting, but that chain looks like it belongs on Mr. T’s neck

it looks like a very driveable base but there doesn’t look like there is much room to mount systems and other things

I think that it is in high gear. Makes sense that way. They will have a FAST robot.

Anywho, check out their drill motor mount!

Already broken, thats gotta be a new record.

Get a new one or fix that one, your drive base looks great. Lightweight, FAST, durable (well, it looks durable, anyway). Compact. A good job.

Best of luck!

most likely they just locked the drills in high and turned down the voltage on the Chip to match rpms.
we have a prototype that is geared down at about 1:1.8 (i think) using the drills in high, and it goes somewhere around 13 or 14 ft/sec. assuming that the two out gears are a 22 and an 80 tooth (it’s what they look like at least), that puts them at about a 1:3.6 or so. So, I’m guessing that with the chips added in, they could pull 8 or 9 fps. not blazingly fast, but certainly competitive.

looks good, although i will definitely agree with the comment you made in your other pic. there will be lots of bots flipped this year, especially with bots using the 12 inchers to climb the stairs. but they won’t be flipping themselves on the stairs, they will be flipping themselves on other robots. unlike walls, robots push back. I can’t count the number of times that i’ve seen robots with exposed wheels ride up on other robots and get flipped, even with extremely low centers of gravity.

You might want to consider putting a guard over one set of wheels. You don’t need to be able to go up the stair with both ends, and putting a shield over one end will give you a surface you can use to push against other robots without worrying about flipping yourself over.

are you able to turn easily. Bots the have tank drive and all pneumatics seem to have trouble.

Yes, the gear ratio is 1:4 with a 12 tooth on the Chip, and a 48 tooth on the drill which is locked into high gear. it’s very fast and turns beautifully! (the tires I think are perfect!) thanks for replying everybody! the driving sprockets are 20 tooth to a 60 tooth but i’m thinking about changing it to a 15 tooth to the 60 tooth to slow it down a bit. but its the coolest robot i’ve ever controlled. we do drain batteries really quick! boy those motors sure get warm! that little backup battery is very important.

Nice and simple. I love it! We’ll have the same layout this year only with 35 pitch chain and a third motor per side.

Check out the drive train from those national finalists the Goodrich Martians. You can see it on 494martians :slight_smile: .com.