pic: TEAM #1213

Hear is look at the robot in the down position.

exactly what purpose do those big wings serve? are they just wedges? or do they herd the balls? i’m guessing that they have some other purpose than plowing balls, because if they were you probably would have made them a lot wider.

Very interesting.

I’m stumped on what the slanted sheets are for.

im guessing that when they are on top of the middle platform they lower their wings to not allow other robots to get on top of that platform…kinda like a wedge i guess…although they dont seem to be able to move side to side, which would help control that platform…looks good though…i like the wheels :slight_smile:

How are those wing things attached?? They don’t look like they are from this angle. And there is a pneumatic on the left side, so how is the right side powered?

they look like there for catching falling balls from heaven

what is the diameter of those wheels? how well can you turn with those in high gear? cool wing things

Looks like the design that won last years comp.

Could they be serving as a ramp for their alliance partner to get onto the platform? Maybe they are planning to block the corrals? Maybe we are all wrong about their design?!?!?! The thing is we don’t know. I do know they wont stand a chance against Team 616 once we are on the field.


may it rain finished robots

Wildstang was a good bit shorter, with a completely different drive system. But I suppose there’s a similarity with the two wings…

The wings are obviously for…uh…well…
They must be trying to…to…umm…fly?

I am so confused…

This is probably the only teaser that shows the entire robot and still has everyone stumped. Should be interesting to see in action!

The only thing I can see them as doing is deflecting the force of a robot trying to push on them so that they dont get pushed easily.


They appear to have a dual-motor drive as well, so they should have a large amount of torque with those skyway wheels… It’ll be interesting to see how many teams choose not to hang this year opposed to how everyone hanged in 2000

I don’t see them physically attached either. That robot might not even be complete and they might have more systems to add on. The “wings” may not have anything to do with the robot at all and are just there to throw us off.

hanging was much, much easier in 2000

They could be ramps to help their alliance partners hang, like Wildstang did 2 or 3 years ago.