pic: Team 122's Omni-Wheels

These eight inch diameter Omni-Wheels were used on our
2002 robot and had 24 individual Lexan rollers and would not come apart even if all the circlips came off each of the axles.
It only comes apart and assembles one way. Can you tell how?

obviously the entire rims are actually 2 pieces and they bolt together… :smiley:

No, they are one piece… It goes together like a puzzle… the omni wheel is built with close fitting Lexan ribbed rollers, using eight axle shafts with 16 circlips to capture the rollers. That was the 2002 8 inch diameter version of the 6 inch diameter 2001 omni wheel. The trick to assemble and take apart my design has been explained to a number of FIRST students and mentors at the events we (122 NASA Knights) attended then at VCU, Phillidelphia, and Orlando. Can you figure it out now? I used solid axles, and I will say that even if all the retaining clips on the axles came off the rollers never could, So the waterjetted wheel frame is in fact One Piece! … with eight inline axle holes. This wheel got great grip, the ribs would cog into the pile of the carpet.
I will place more pictures to follow up …I will look in my archive for them soon.


Dave F.