pic: Team 123 Concept 2009


our 2009 concept
what do you guys think?

looks interesting. how would it work. and how do you get theballs up

Very intresting…i have to give credit that it is a unique design…however if the base is to narrow…and according to the height…would it tip on impact?

Won’t ground loading be difficult with a trailer right in front of the intake?

Or is the channel going to the ground simply for storage?

It looks pretty clever! Will the balls be able to roll off ok with the other balls under them? If you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to

FYI in 2007 Rack n Roll we had a robot with a base very similar to yours there. We found that it was quite tippy, and with that much stuff on the top of your robot I think that you might run into trouble with it being stable.

have fun reloading it though

I had an idea similar to this, expecially the whole dumping thing…but I fear that your system is too much stright line, and you will have a harder time to pour the orbit balls since only one ball fits between the center pole and the edges.

It’s hard to tell this angle, but it appears your chute extends past your bumper, which is illegal as of rule update 1

looks pretty neat, however yeah that thing is defiantly gonna tip over easy.

yeah, how would you get the balls up there? its a good design, but i would want to know how to get it up.

Human player…or whatever you guys call it these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice design but it doesnt look very stable :eek:

i cant seem to understand something. Isn’t nothing allowed to pass the axis of the bumpers? I mean, even at the top. Isn’t nothing allowed to extend outside the chasis of the robot?

I think this concept isnt that good. When you launch it your gonna hit ur own trailer. well the pole bit but that will cause some of ur balls to land in ur own trailer which means u lose points. so kinda garbage in a way

Hmmmm … interesting

What exactly is the loading mechanism for your robot?

Two-Face is correct nothing is allowed past the bumpers, and it is top heavy(tippy):ahh:

it’s a great way to increase RP and not get penalty :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, Two-Face definately spent his time reading the rules. But I guess it’s a good thing in this case =]