pic: Team 125: 2006 robot Sweet Caroline

here is our shooter and conveyor system

Yay! Do you have any pictures of the electrical layout yet, or will I have to wait until Manch? I am so anxious to see it!

Very cool.

Quick question about the conveyor belt. It looks like you’ve notched the rollers, have you had any issues during testing with the surgical tubing drifting from side to side?

We had similar problems with drift when we were using surgical tubing. In the end we just went with something else…

Do you have these problems? (We obviously never solved ours.)

Lookin good KB. We had an awesome build back in NJ, but it looks like you guys had a pretty good time with yours too. Can’t wait to see the bot at nats. I saw some pics mcgowan had, and your DT looks sick. good luck! :smiley:

… Oh! Oh! Oh!