pic: Team 125 Electronics!


Here are all three levels of the Electronics mini-tower for our robot. Obviously, the tower is not assembled yet. Already, it’s a huge step up from last year’s wiring job!

Sorry Emily, it does not look like we have the coolest electrical layout. It appears as though some old Victor 883s made it into the design. They have the red text on them and are illegal! :ahh:

Some of the 884s are also red. It isn’t like the Spikes where the red ones are uniformly different. (Who actually remembers the red Spike? They were discontinued years ago.)

And yes…according to the Q&A both red and blue 884s are legal…

From what I can tell all of those victors look like they say 884 on them…but then again the picture isnt that clear

Mike, you weirdo, you were there when I was wiring them! They are definitely 884’s, but they are not this year’s model.

Are you just trying to cause trouble?

Emily, we are from the Nu-trons and we do what we want. Unfortunately, I mistook the red 884s for red 883s. I am confident in your electrical layout capabilities and your aptitude to distinguish between the numbers 883 and 884.
I didn’t actually start this thread, someone else did and than never posted. I didn’t start the trouble. I just participated in it; because I do what I want :wink:

That’s right! We’re livin’ the dream! Even if we can’t have the crab as our mascot!

Looks great!!! A lot of teams are really stepping it up this year with some wonderful layouts. I guess it doesn’t take too long to realize that how well your robot is wired dictates how difficult it is to troubleshoot.

Great Job!