pic: Team 125 has mad UPs

I apologize for the horrible quality but this is a snapshot from a video of our bot.

One of our hurdles during qualifications at the arizona regional.

Yes, all of our hurdles go that high.

I’d love to see some video of the bot. I know we have someone working on getting AZ up on TBA, but as you know its a long process. Any way you can throw it up on youtube or something?

thats fantastic

SOOOO Photoshoped

Doubtful, I saw it do that in person…

By the way, I should mention that 125 has one of the coolest drivetrain I’ve ever seen! Super simple, and it sounds very cool when it runs (due mostly to the lack of chain).

Just wish it had been doing that before Saturday, would have dominated alot of matches I think.

I assure you, this is not a photoshop

Throwing on youtube as we speak…

done… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWAALmb-g6Q

Videos from the field will be put up later, im too busy to do it at work…

match footage uploading now, will post link

poor ceiling what did it do to you :frowning: … sweet launcher, can’t wait till TBA gets some competition video’s up

photoshop this! here’s our first sucessful launches from AZ, estimating somewhere around 13-15 feet, and yes the 2nd bounce almost cleared the player station. I have to look at the other vids, to see how many other shots we took there, enjoy!

the 2 shots take place at 60 seconds and 1min 58 seconds

this just made my day

i’ve been dying to see our robot shoot and i finally got to!

can’t wait for the boston regional :slight_smile:

too bad that it wasn’t consistant in the elims or we may have won the whole thing …oh well can’t do much better for a rookie year (but i still want to go to Atlanta)… hope you take Boston. and dont forget us if you come to AZ next year

Murphys law definitely applied to us…for some unknown reason when tethered we could release the catapult no problem. As soon as we put it on the field it didn’t want to let go…who knows. Regardless it was great playing with you guys. Good luck in the future!