pic: Team 125 Multi-tool Collection

On one of our normal meeting nights, the college mentors realized that we were all very well equiped to be working on the robot in or out of the shop.

That looks like a TSA don’t display from the security lines at Hartsfield-Jackson in ATL.

Need to include all the hazardous liquids: gasoline, ethanols, nitroglycerin and orange juice.

Carbonfiber skeletool is the best one there.

PS, I have one too.

If half our team didn’t have multi-tools, I’m pretty sure we would not be functioning right now.

I own the skeletool, but I don’t carry it unless I’m on an Audio Gig. Does anyone know of a multi tool that’s as easy to open as my Cold Steel Ti-Lite, or my Sog Trident, or my Kershaw Leek?

My Leatherman Micra has served me well for years. On occasion, I use my Chinese Autodesk giveaway multitool from Atlanta 07. I still find it rather amusing they were handing kids decent sized (and really super sharp) knives.