pic: Team 125 Teaser (2005-02-01)

hmm… I wonder where those transmissions came from? That's a cool wheel! What are we going to do with those gears?!

Well, those transmissions and wheels came from AndyMark You will be running on four Chias for the drive. The worm and worm gear are used to actuate the main (lower) joint of your arm, which is powered soley by the Van Door motor. Your robot does not utilize the fisher price motors.

Am I close?

That worm gear reminds me of the lego worm gears… regardless, thats one huge gear. Maybe the third gearbox is to couple two FP motors/AM planataries, which drive that enormous worm gear, moving the base of the arm.

4 transmissions and 4 omni wheels are being used in a 4 wheel holonomic drive, 1 chiphua and AndyMark transmission per wheel. Thats my guess.

That worm gear is insane. What kind of monstrous torques are you expecting?

Makes you kinda wonder if Andy and Mark are finding any time to work or their robot!

Should I post a pic of your chassis tonight after the welding is complete as part of your teaser?

hmmmm…3 AM shifters and 6" omni’s…i’m guessing a 3 wheel drive base with a shifter per wheels…that or a shifting arm :smiley: (I seriously doubt that) whatever it is I am sure we will be amazed. :slight_smile:


2 Speed Kiwi Bot?

Find that hard to believe. A Kiwi bot will never truly have as much power as a head on 4 wd drive bot. It just doesn’t have the power due to weight being distributed on a wheel or wheels that aren’t powered in the direction you need. The kiwi bots real advantage is in its maneuverability, which it should focus on. At least thats my take.

Some of you are very close. Yes, we will be using two AndyMark transmissions for our drivetrain. The third transmission pictured is actually a spare. We might use the AndyMark omni wheels, that’s currently under debate. We will have an arm and it will most likely use a worm gear setup (that’s currently being designed :ahh: ).
No, we definitely won’t use the worm gear pictured. That was bought accidentally last year and we have kept it around as a joke. Each piece weighs close to 10 pounds and looks like it belongs in a locomotive.

Yeah sure, thank you and your team for helping us. I don’t know what we would have done without your help :slight_smile: