pic: Team 1251 sends special message/teaser


Greetings from South Florida!

thats not a very special message, but what parts are you using to do that? :confused:

Did you break into 233’s supplies or something?

Are those really neon pink wheels???

that’s cool

I’m gonna guess these are the rollers for a forklift-type lift system… :ahh:

I like the color! :smiley:



This pink stuff has been popping up in 1251 teasers for quite a few years now.

Rollers to pick up or manipulate balls?

most likely,

cool idea, and cool color :smiley:

15 wheel robot? Low clearance!

possibly, but i think those are too small to be attached to the chassis and function… :confused:

yeah, these are bearings or rollers from the looks of it. there is no room for a sprocket if they were wheels. dunno about gears.


my cheerios said the same thing

O_O nice…lol

The pink stuff is UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). The bearing are 5/16 inside diameter.

I wonder what they are for? :confused: