pic: Team 125's Lighted Numbers

These are our team’s new lighted numbers we will be bringing to competitions with us. The numbers were CNC routed out of plywood and painted red.

The ‘lights’ are Oslon LEDs on PCBAs. The LEDs take 24 V input, so we use a pair of robot batteries wired in series. We ran them at the Boston regional on their “medium” setting. On “high” setting we estimate about 85,000 lumens are coming from the signs!

This was a fun project for our team to do, and was a lot of fun to finally get them lit up in the stands. I think you can ask anyone at the Boston Regional if they knew where 125 was sitting and they’d be able to tell you…

They look fantastic. It looks like you chose to sit in the back of the arena to not spoil the view of other spectators sitting behind you. I wish all teams with large signs were as thoughtful.

We knew there would be some comments when we were making the signs, but they were always just about having fun. The signs are only lit pre/post 125 matches, and during extended field delays (dance sessions).

I know our team had a lot of fun with them this weekend are looking forward to cranking them back up for the Pine Tree Regional in a week and a half.


I made the mistake of looking directly at the lights as they were being tested up on the concourse during the Boston regional.

For the next several minutes I could see 125’s logo of floating in front of me in dark blue dots :slight_smile:

Don’t stare into the sun kids…

That was on the medium setting? :yikes:

I am scared to see what happens when they are at full brightness. Those things were just awesome.

All I could think of was, “Don’t watch the weld without eyewear!”
Seriously, this sign has retinal overload written all over it.
In a well lit dome arena like St. Louis, it will look great.

Your timing of the lighting is very thoughtful.

I remember seeing these! They were AWESOME, and suuuuuuuper bright! Hard to believe they’re just on the medium setting…

We’ll have to do that with 1511’s signs!!! :slight_smile: