pic: Team 126 2012 base

What are the rollers in the middle for?

What are the rollers in the middle for?

My guess is they roll two of the middle ones opposite of each other in order to pinch and pick up balls.

Woahh DeWalt-Cims…cooool :slight_smile:

As to the rollers in the middle, I think they’ve got dual side pick up and those rollers in the middle will direct the balls to a central shaft where they are risen by an elevator to their scoring mechanism.

Correct! Our scoring mechanism also uses a dewalt.

How are you guys going to do your front and back bumpers? Is the 2 gonna be split in half?

It better not be… Q&A already said that that’s not allowed.

Oh ok, well we are working with a team that has 3 numbers and we were just trying to see how other teams with split sides and 3 numbers are gonna do those sides.

The numbers will be on 1 bumper. The “short” sides have the extra noodle to cover the long bumper, if that makes sense. The fabric goes to the embroiderer tomorrow.