pic: team 126 gael force!!!!!!!


team 126 robot finally revealed!

Nice lookin hybrid coming from 126. Can’t wait to see you guys in BAE. Hopefully this year we can be together rather than against each other in the finals ;).

Great job guys, looks very efficent and effective.

Can you guys knock off the bonus ball?

Hanging, big balls, little balls, stairs… …looks like another long year for folks running against Gael Force.

Nice clean look too.

I am jealeous…

Joe J.

I don’t see how that bot would hang.

Actually our hook is not pictured there. We do hang though.

We’ll see. Why go up the stairs if you can’t hang? For the yellow ball? Seems like a lot of work to me, may as well hang while you’re at it.

Beyond this, do you really need a 3 stage lift if you are only lifting a yellow ball into and out of the stationary goal? I don’t see it.

Finally, THEY ARE GAEL FORCE!!! Do you really expect them not to be able to do something as important as hanging?

Anyone from 126 willing to settle a friendly bet – I will be very surprised if that robot is not seen “directly SUPPORTED by the horizontal bar and … … not touching the carpet, platforms, or goals” (i.e. HANGING :wink:

Joe J.

Well that was nice…they even stated they didn’t have the hook in the picture, and this is my first year so I have no clue of the history of FIRST.

Wellllllllll…you will see us hanging yes. From the platform…no. Also to answer an earlier question, yes we can hit the activation ball in auto mode. (at least we plan to)

I had a chance to see this bot in action the other night, and it is quite impressive. I look forward to seeing them Manchester.

Looks great 126!
Can’t wait to compete with it at BAE!


Hey, sorry if I came off too sarcastic. To be honest I was stung by the fact that I didn’t even notice that it was not obvious how they were going to hang. I just looked at the bot, knew who made it and intuited that it was a hanging bot without really looking for all the exact details.

When I asked myself, how did I KNOW they were going to hang? I didn’t really have a good answer, other that to say that I KNEW it. I was shocked not to see some sort of hook or something when I looked for it.

I took my shock out on you.

Please forgive me.

Joe J.