pic: Team 1270 & 1532 Side View

I cleaned it up a little to limit confusion but everything you see is inside of 4x4 box aluminum just like last year. Any comments or questions I’ll be glad to answer.

Love it!

Thanks Arefin Good Luck and I’ll see ya in Florida!!

This looks great. I loved this drive system last year.

I can’t wait to see what goes on top of it. :wink:

See you guys down here in Florida Regional, :yikes:… and then Palmetto. It’s gonna be awesome.

Wow I didn’t even notice that you guys were registered for both… Its gonna be fun, looking forward to it!!

AWESOME drive train, extremely compact and very clean.
it seems tank drive uses a center pair of wheels acted as the pivot point though…

i have been thinking something similar up for a while myself…

is there a lowered wheel? i can’t see it in the drawing.

To me it looks like the center two are lower than the outboard two, on the picture. I’m not sure though.

yeah i had to zoom in to see it. it’s not much. less than 1/8" ?

To answer some of the questions I’ll put some of the features of the drivetrain…

8 wheel drive skid steer
turns on the center wheels so it turns on center pretty quickly ~~> video
AndyMark 2 speed transmissions integrated into the 4x4 box
4 inch custom wheels
2 wheels in the center are .175" lower than the outer wheels

Thanks for the comments if there is anything I didn’t answer just ask and I’ll try to answer it for you

Hopefully you meant lower, or else you have a 4WD bot :wink:

Haha I better change that huh :yikes:

lookin good, is this the same as last years base? Whats speeds are you running at? I got a look at it queuing in finals. seems we’re always against you guys, maybe we’ll hook up this time :slight_smile: If we can break that tech tiger bond you guys have, heh… Not to mention meeting on einstien.
OK what goes on top?

:smiley: That’s funny Dan, we just love those red dragons. Hey maybe all three of us can play on the same side of the field for once.:yikes:

I can’t wait for UCF Regional.

I remember your robot at Buckeye last year. Your robot was so fast. Are you going to Buckeye again this year?

Yes it is the same base except for a few minor changes, we raised the frame off the ground a little and we also made some minor changes that we noted last year. I think we made some mistakes when we calculated our speed last year haha so I will get a new speed for our robot, We were going to have to recalculate it anyways for this years bot… :wink:

The top is still a work in progress…we are deciding this week which prototype design we are going to use as our final design.

We love Florida! Everything from the teams to the Arena that it was held in… Hopefully we can all be planning with each other rather than against this year in the eliminations :smiley:

I know we are all anticipating the 24 hour bus ride down there, not to mention the weather. I cant wait.

Thanks Joey, though team 1270’s robot will not be at the Buckeye this year, our home team, team 1532, will be there and we will be cheering for them the whole way. Our mentors will be in the pits with them as well so stop on by if you get a chance, the robots are going to be identical twins. We (team 1270) wanted to be there but due to the issue of needing 2 weeks in between competitions, we could not guarantee that our bot would be waiting for us when we arrived on Thursday.

Thanks, I’ll be sure to go check them out. How long does a robot usually take to ship between regionals, because we are going back to back with Wisconsin, then Buckeye. Could that be a problem?

From what I have heard, you should try to have your regionals at least 2 weeks apart because any less and there is no guarantee that your bot will arrive on time at your second regional.:confused:

We were planning on having 2 weeks in between. We originally wanted to go to WI and Minnesota, but minnesota was full. We decided to go to Cleveland again because we knew some of the teams, even though it is back to back. Hopefully it will be there, I guess we’ll see what happens:(