pic: Team 1277 and 2004 bot

Thats basically our entire team and our robot, we just finished tonight. It may be ugly, but its our rookie year, so we're still proud. We also had to reduce the weight from 170 after we first built it.

All the rookie seem to think their robots are ugly. I disagree. Every robot is a piece of moving, possibly self hangable art. Some people make art that goes in the museums, and some make art that is in roadside attractions or judged in the county fair. It is still art whether it is a Picasso or your handprint you put on your fridge in first grade. And personally, I would take the handprint. A Picasso would look odd in my dorm room and I couldn’t afford it.

And good job with the robot. It is a tremendous task even for more veteran of teams. I’m sure you’re tired even with the tremendous adrenaline rush you get after finishing when you are trying to figure out what everyone else did. I’ll let you go to sleep.

yeah seriously you guys…great job! cute hands…its not ugly, we’ve been told that about our robot, but you just gotta appreciate all that hard work you put into it!
woo hoo! you’re done!

ugly? those arms that look like hands are awesome!

Upon further inspection, the arms look like they copied off of Mikey Mouse :slight_smile: Very cool idea and very nice design. No robot is ever ugly, it’s something you put time into which can never be ugly if you work hard on it. Besides, it matters what YOU think of it, not other people.

they are actually the “plow”… they fold out and herd the balls
you can see a better pick of the robot here

I have to admit the flames we put on the sides are cool

oops…disregard this post

That looks like a picasso to me. You didn’t show off the flames and the cool ball grabber.

After viewing the pictures on your site, I agree, the frames definetely add a flare of style to it. 1 Comment I have though is to possibly clean up the wiring a bit and making it a little neater. We learned last year that a messy wiring situation only hurts during repairs at competition.

I think it looks awesome! Great job! :slight_smile: Though I do prefer the pic that you see if you follow the link in an above post…just because it shows the bot off better.

A lot of love goes into that rookie year robot…not any more or less than any other year, but a different style of it, because it’s your team’s first. As the years go by and your team grows, you’ll look back and recall how fabulous it really was. (Hee…I sound like a Lifetime tv-movie! :D)