pic: Team 1280 Silicon Valley Regional

Moving shot during the semi finals in the Silicon Valley regional

very impressive robot overall, you guys did amazing until the finals. 852 just had perfect luck and skill holding you in that corner.

Awesome machine! Simple, elegant and effective.

That thing was a scoring machine, and one of the best robots on the field. Unfortunately, that put the target on your backs for finals. Best of luck in Seattle!

Once again, 1280 builds a simple, yet extremely effective robot. That machine was a beast! Although it takes a while to raise the elevator to dump out the balls, just the sight of the balls all being raised up was quite intimidating.

Thank you! we tried to make it as simple as possible. We have some new strategies for Seattle we will try in watching the effects of this regional. I’ve seen a lot of really good teams have issues with pinning this year…I liked 254’s approach to getting blocked…it really worked