pic: Team 1296 teaser!!!


This is what we finished with after tonight, planning on getting it driving Monday.

Manipulating balls from all four sides I see. Seems familiar. :wink:

Make sure you get some serious driver practice in. Driving this to its maximum effectiveness may be harder than you think it is.

… it is the same drive system as last year and the same drive team is back - our schedule includes a full week of practice (and we have a practice bot), we are hoping for the best

Interesting. I am interested in finding out how you can pick up the balls. Also, it’l take ALOT of practice to balance. Hopefully your maneuverabily keeps you from being pushed around.

Very Nice :wink:

No matter how many times I see it that Home Depot Orange is always striking.

good idea good luck

Great looking base! However, it’s not much of a teaser if you show the whole thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

but wait if you have that small of a robot you need to be careful of other robots pushing you around when your not in the key

uhm - that is yellowjacket orange!! ;o)

we are a 9th year team but rookie teasers!

The bot is full size & weight and with the shooter attached will be 54"" tall or so, the camera angle is deceiving. And we have had experiences contrary to the typical “mecanum gets pushed around” opinions on CD. Typically we just go around defensive bots or fake them out just enough to catch them on the corner and spin them around. Last year we had much the same drive train and had a bit of fun playing with 6-wheeled defenders.

I suppose we’ll encounter better defense in regional finals or in St Louis but that is a nice problem to have (means you made it that far). Plus we can pull balls in from all 4 sides, hard to defend against us if there are 2 or more balls on the floor!

A conveyor system will pull them in from all 4 sides to the center of the robot then vertically towards a 2-wheeled shooter.


Cool, looks like your CIM motor limit is almost used up. What motors are you planning on using to pick the balls up and fire your launcher, if you are using a launcher. Also, how are you going to avoid the penalty of herding more than 3 balls at once. Once it is inside your frame it is considered to be “herded”.

Looks better in person!

We are using AndyMark and FP motors on the launcher wheel. The conveyors will run backwards to reject balls as well as pull them in.

If you can only possess 3 balls at any given time, then how do you plan on controlling 4 different input systems?

Theyre all independently controlled. They dont have to intake balls so its pretty easy to control how many they posses.