pic: Team 1305

Team 1305 in action at the Greater Toronto Regional. Possibly the most underrated team in 2005.

I’m still in awe about this robot and team. Consider these accomplishments from their two regionals…

  • 2 Regional Championships
  • 2 times selected as the #1 pick
  • 2 Motorola Quality Awards
  • 2 Engineering Inspiration Awards

Actually, 1305 has won the Quality award at every regional they’ve ever attended.

The drive train is magnificent, with a blazing high gear which makes them amazing at destroying their opponents home row. Not to mention they seem almost impervious to being defended.

Not only is their robot amazing, but their team really understands what FIRST is all about. They have the complete package going, and are model for us all.

Look for them to make big splash in Atlanta.

sweet lookin’ bot, i’m lovin’ the drivetrain.

question: what does the thing on the back (front?) do?

Thats the back of the robot, it knocks down the hanging tetra in autonomous and helps keep the robot slightly back heavy which makes it drive a lot smoother.

I believe the ‘beaver tail’ on the back is a backup arm they put on, due to the fact they had some weight left over to utilize.

I love this robot. The tank treads are amazing!

Amazing robot. Our team is extremely impressed with this winning machine. Very graceful and efficient and I won’t be suprised if it makes it’s way high up in the national competition.
Congratulations on an outstanding robot and team.

Also correct. In fact we are still about 6 pounds under weight.

here here!

The most underrated robot in 2005 by far.

But don’t worry guys… it’s good to sneak in under the radar sometimes =).

Good luck in Atlanta!!!

You guys did have an awesome robot. Great looking too!

I absolutely loved 1305 … that includes their robot and their team. I saw them at Waterloo and Toronto and at both events they were outstanding. Not enough good things can be said about them. Congratulations

Well put Shyra!

I can’t say that you guys were ever underestimated. From the first practice rounds in Waterloo, it was clear you had developed a fantastic machine. Congratulations!