pic: Team 1322 2010 Robot Start Week 3


Start of Week three, Most major features are installed. Should be wireing soon. (need to reverse front and back mech’s)

Reminds me of the amusement park pirate rides. Looks good, why are you mid wheels different color scheme?

Reminds me of the amusement park pirate rides. Looks good, why are you mid wheels different color scheme?

The front and back wheels are mech’s and the center wheel are Omni’s.

Do you mean mecanums, not mech’s?

I hope you do not have some mechanics as wheels, that would be a violation of some rules. :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note,

Which banebots is connected to the cim for the winch?

Oh alright that makes sense.

2006 12:1 ratio banebot transmission.

<R34> Parts custom-made for FIRST and provided to FRC teams in the Kit Of Parts for previous FRC competitions (e.g. 2006 FRC transmissions,)

For more Pictures http://www.team1322.org/robotics_09-10.htm

That is nice :cool:

I like the combination of the mecanum wheels and the Omni wheels.

But does it have the height clearance and ability to cross the bump?

How is traction going to be handled for this drive train, if at all?

sorry to go aginst what you are doing but i think that your frame may give you some troubles because acording to R11- The Frame Perimiter must be comprimised or fixed non-articulated sturcutal elements of the robot the frame perimiter must remain a fixed, unchanging polygon throught the macth.

What makes you say this? The FRAME PERIMETER is formed by the kitbot chassis seen in this picture, where the bumpers will presumably attach to.

There’s no reason the wheels can’t articulate as they dont define the FRAME PERIMETER.

Just for the sake of your BOM, the gearbox was in the KoP in 2007.

I’m really glad that you guys get to use what you learned in the offseason with this drivetrain this year. Best mecanum drive of this year, I bet! :smiley:

There have been numerous questions in Q&A on this type of topic (We have articulated wheels to go over the bump, how will this affect our bumper zone), and the rulings have been, if it’s suddenly placed on a flat floor, and the bumpers are in the zone, you’re fine; crossing the bump or hanging from the tower, you’re fine as long as you can pass the prior test.

I really like the idea of using the omni wheels in the middle. However, there is one thing that I noticed about this base that you might want to change.

Right now, the axes of the wheels on the mecanums, from the top, appear to be making an O or a diamond shape. That means the axes are making an X if you’re looking at it from the bottom. You want the X to appear from the top rather than the bottom.

You would still be able to achieve the holonomic effect with the way your wheels are set up now, but it would be extremely easy for any team to rotate your robot by pushing on a corner of it.

All you have to do is switch the wheels front to back, or left to right, and you’re good to go.

If I’m not mistaken, the software should be very similar, if not the same. I haven’t worked with mecanum wheels for a couple years and when I did, I didn’t do any coding, so that last bit may not be correct.

Inferno, they did notice that, and noted it in the caption.

And yes, it should be the same software.