pic: Team 1325 Custom Wheels

1325’s first foray into the world of custom machined wheels!

6061 Aluminum
Uses 2 inch wide tread

What do you think?

What’s the diameter and weight? They look nice.

What’s the weight on one of those? Looks quite heavy for a custom wheel.

Due to the teachers strike we don’t have access to our shop or our scale, they are relatively light (we were a bid conservative with the lightening as its our first time), when I get a measurement I will post it.
They are 4 inches in diameter :).

They are beautiful. :cool:

Akash is correct, though; custom wheels are often designed with less wall thickness to save weight.

I’ll guess each of those is about 1.2 lb.

In terms of reducing weight for a second iteration, what would you suggest? We were thinking of adding a shape between the sprocket mounting holes to reduce weight, anywhere else?

Your spokes don’t need to be the full 2" wide. You’ll be fine with just 0.75"-1". That should shave of a good chunk of weight.

Also other than just doing it because you can why would you go with these over the new vexpro traction wheels? If it was just an engineering exercise then great!

The wheels are part of our offseason prototype drivetrain. We wanted to try somethings we had never done before. As a mentor, I am very proud of the initiative the students took with the design. A student with only one year on the team designed and iterated this wheel through CAD and then worked with a sponsor to have them made.
We will be experimenting with them, as well as some vex stuff to find advantages/disadvantages.

Cool stuff! I like the integrated offset hub to mount sprockets.

Have you thought about how to put tread on the wheel? It looks like riveting is your only option at this point, but you’ll have to have some consistent method of drilling their holes. Another mill setup in a vise maybe?

Seconding what others said, these look very heavy. Don’t just make the spokes smaller, also conciser pocketing it from the other side. Also, you might want to tap those sprocket mounting holes, so you don’t have to it a nut on the other side.