pic: Team 1325's Completed Robot

Team 1325’s entry for Ultimate Ascent “Schmetterling”, we will be competing at GTR East and West.

Very nice design. Overall, your robot is very close to our design- everything from the sheetmetal box shooter with dual pneumatic wheels to the reversible bumpers and sheetmetal drivetrain with those circular cutouts on the front. The low bellypan-mounted electronics give it a very clean look. We will have pictures up soon.

I like those pneumatic cylinders for locking in the 10 point hang. Any floor pickup?

The best of luck to you this year.

Thank you for your kind words, we are very proud of the robot.
We do not have floor pickup at this time, during game analysis we were not entirely sure it was worth it and therefore it took a backseat and was forgotten.
Good luck to you as well!