pic: Team #1336 in the box

Well, we could not have had more distractions and problems but we finally got it made.

Let’s see what there is to see about our neighbors down the road

It looks like 2WD with AndyMark omnis in the front and something in the back (Pneumatic Skyways?), with a hopper that I imagine will be covered in red and white before Palmetto is done. Anything else not top secret at this point?

I remember y’all last year were crazy on the strategy (so much that it blew the mind of our field coach at the time). I can’t wait to see what develops this year!

No, nothing secret unless you include the following: will it work?, can it be driven and will it release the balls.

Due to many issues involving many people we went with a simple idea that we hope to be a consistent scorer. Instead of relying on a shooter we use a conveyor to pick up the balls which deposit into a linear case that when you drop the rear door the balls are deposited into the corner goal. It can also be top loaded by the human player.

Who knows at this point. Small team, short time, and limited work space equals still assembling up until about 15 minutes before Fed Ex arrived. And, about 15 minutes of driving practice.

Wow, I cannot wait to see what happens!