pic: Team 1345 as of Feb. 1st.

Here is where team 1345 stands 19 days before ship. Anyone want to guess how fast this thing is moving at?

Look sweet! Interesting electronics mount location, I wonder what you’re using the bottom of the bot for…

I’ll wager about 7fps low and something like 20fps high.

Nice! Love the sanded aluminum finish!

Are you worried about vibration/mechanical shock taking it’s toll on your electronics on that vertical mast?


Anyone want to guess how fast this thing is moving at?
0 fps, lest it drive off the edge of the table :rolleyes:

Does the control board hinge down onto the frame? Is that the reason for the pegs on the side of the board?

Tim, The bottom is being used for mounting other components and we are definitely not moving 20 fps.

Qbranch, we have been going back and forth about where to mount the electronics. The board is mounted to the tower and it’s solid. It does worry Mr. Payne, but rest of us wants to mount the board there.

Gary, the pegs are there so we can put another sheet of lexan on top. The wires are running on the bottom of the black lexan and there is another sheet of lexan behind it with 6 more standoffs.

Please do give us feedback about what you see in this picture. Thanks.

I’m guessing 11ft/s with a large double jointed (shoulder and wrist) arm mounted to the tower, maybe powered by paired up Fisher-Prices.

How exactly did you go about making that finish? I really like it and we might have a little extra time tomorrow to pimp out the robot. I was thinking about using a wire wheel and a drill to get a kind of circular brushed finish (we did it on a camera mount last year), but that one looks even nicer.

You can take an aluminum wire brush and buff your whole robot out. =)

looks nice!

13 fps high 6 fps low?

Looks very smooth and neat, but my biggest concern is leaving your gearboxes that high and exposed. Are you planning on covering them or at least making sure they don’t get smashed during a match?

I’m also very interested to see what kind of manipulator you’ve developed, especially since your electronics are vertical. From a team that did that once, just make sure they’re still easy to get to for simple repairs (like re-soldering wire).