pic: Team 1345, end of 3rd week.

This is what we have after the end of 3rd week. We were happy to see the robot scoring. we should have the robot done next saturday, then it’s time to prettify it. =)

hmm, that looks familiar… :rolleyes:

Looks nice. That manipulator reminds me of one from a very certain collaboration between a mathematical oddity and some very charged poultry.

Looks sliiickk; I wouldn’t mind seeing a video or something of how that end effector works (although it works well, according to fin).

I’m also curious why the horizontal brace midway up the arm is so wide…

Pretty cool, looks like that should work good, good job 1345!

cough121 2k5cough =P…

looking nice guys… do you have a closer picture of the manipulator??

Hey that robot could play Triple Play and Rack 'n Roll :p. Looks good, I wonder how well the manipulator works… Do you have the height for the top goal??

I was just at Clarkson this morning, and I swear I saw something just like this, but I just can’t put my finger on what it was…

But, on another unrelated note, I always wonder how Arefin figures that he is JVNV2

How is the manipulator designed to release the tubes onto the rack? (Not doubting that it can, just curious what method 1345 is going to use)

Is it bad that I’ve seen that robot before? :cool:

wow pretty! you guys look so close to being done already! that means lots of driver practice time!:cool:

You have to wait till we are done with the whole robot in order to see the video. Give me another week and a half. =)

The brace… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Keep wondering…

It is a combination of team1114’s 2007 prototype chassis, 121’s 2005 arm, 217/229’s end effecter.

I will provide you with any picture you would like, once we are done building.

Yes, we will be able to score on all three levels.

It’s a flat half inch pvc Sean. Come on, it’s not that hard, figure it out. =)

Let’s talk about “twins.” =)

Arefin bot is looking great! Glad to see you guys ahead of the game this year good luck and see you guys at Swamp scrimmage. I dunno if 217 or 229 from 05 ring a bell to anybody on this one but ya just a thought.


It’s the same as capping a tetra, isn’t it? You drive up to the rack with the innertube slightly above the stinger, drive forward until the tube slides over the stinger, and lower your arm while backing out so the tube can fall on its own. …Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot to add-

I really like your manipulator. :slight_smile: We were thinking of going for the same thing, but we’re still making mockups. Here are two questions we’re thinking about as we run around carpeted areas pushing broom handles into innertubes:

  1. If the method I described above is how you plan to release tubes, do you have any trouble with them sticking to the lance as you try to let go?

  2. For picking up, we’ve realized that our lance has to be nearly touching the ground in order to drive under and innertube–otherwise it just gets stuck to it and starts depressing it. So to pick up we’ve essentially decided to drag our lance forward along the floor and coat the bottom with something slick to keep it from getting caught. Are you guys having similar problems or does the squashed pipe slide along the carpet okay?