pic: Team 1345's 2007 chassis


… here is the beast. In 2 weeks, we will show you what we got on top of that…

Looking good Arefin! Lemme guess, battery will be in the rear? And possible 1/2 robot lift 12".

I’m calling arm on gearbox-side, ramp on the back.

seems like it will be a lifting robot not much ground clearance for going up ramps.

/me is scared

You guys haven’t yet seen the pushing power of this beast… want to move the goal?

That’s the first chassis that looks close to as overbuilt as ours. :yikes: It’s looking pretty good.

:slight_smile: Looks good,

What material is the plate on the bottom.

David G.

You need to add some structure to resist that square from turning into a diamond. that piece of plastic all the electrical is mounted to isn’t offering any strength to the frame. also. bumpers are a must because there are moving parts exposed on the outside in the “bumper zone” that according to Murphy’s law will get smashed. as well as the front and rear being made of 1/8" thick c-channel offer little resistance to collapse upon impact. it would be a large benefit to add some central strength members to resist against that

That’s not necessarily true. It depends what type of plastic it is and how it is attached under the frame. Which makes me wonder, how is it attached, and what type of plastic is it?

Nice setup. Looks like the top is exactly 4" of the ground. I wonder why?:yikes:

you run any numbers on that? I’m not so confident on your structural collapse theory…

i didnt run numbers per say but i ran 179’s 2004 robot at 12 feet/second into a mobile goal 10 seconds into it’s existance and smashed the 1/8" c-channel in. bent! broken frame! misaligned wheels! it was a mess

Questions for the nicest looking chassis and drive train in awhile (I haven’t seen Tytus’s waterjetted one yet)

  • How big are your drive sprockets coming out of the AM Shifters (not the ones built in, but the ones attached to the wheels)?
  • Live or Dead Axles?
  • Are your axles running on bushings or bearings?
    *]What is your base plate? Wood?
    Keep up the great work 1345!

2007 + bumpers - mobile goal - full speed ramming = i do not believe this will collapse structurally, but i could be wrong i guess…

So are the wheels near the battery powered at all? Interesting placement of your gearboxes there. I want to see some video of this in action asap Arefin :slight_smile:

http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/26355?lol there it is

lol, I knew it was up, I just didn’t get around to it yet. Let’s not steal anyone’s thunder though…


it appears you are using that messsy coil of tubing to provide extra air accumulation, a clear rules violation if i ever saw one. i am disappointed in you and may volunteer to be an inspector at one of your regionals just so I can DQ you.

ps - please volunteer for the iri so i can make you in charge of cleaning up trash as punishment for poor behavior.


(cool chassis, anyway)

Alright, I am going to try to answer everyone’s questions…

… wrong.

… wrong.

We will be going up any ramp that is less than 20 degrees.

Thanks for your comment Tim. I personally think there will be many other robots that will have pushing power just like this one. If the rule didn’t stop us, we would probably move the goal. =)

I don’t know if I would say overbuilt. It’s was very easy to work with. Thanks to my Canadian friends who gave me this idea to use 4x4 for chassis material.

It’s 1/16” lexan.

Is it going to collapse? Doesn’t look like it, but it can in a brutal fight in the field. It’s better to add support than being left without a chassis in the middle of the competition. The way the two modules are connected are with the C channels. On the bottom, I am running 1” wide 1/8” thick aluminum across to support the chassis. On top of that… the lexan is mounted (it is mounted on the C channel and the crossbars I am running underneath the chassis).

… we will be picking up robot/robots off the ground 12”.

  1. It’s 28 tooth.
  2. Dead axles.
  3. There are bearings on the wheels.
  4. There is no such thing as “base plate” on this chassis. Electronics are mounted on a 1/16” lexan which is mounted on the crossbars and C channels.

Thanks Conor, looking forward to see your robot in action this season. Tytus’s chassis looks great. His chassis looks unstoppable just like it was in 2005, I only hope his driver can drive that thing.

All the wheels are powered. There is single chain running each module. Video will be posted soon.

pictures can be decieving. There are no extra tubing in that chassis. It looks that way, because most of the stuff weren’t zip tied down well enough. The electrical board needs a lot of work. It will be clean once the whole robot is together. Your inspectors won’t have any trouble inspecting that thing, since we are talking about making our way up to Indiana this summer.

Volunteer? Hmm… we shall see. It all depends on if team is going up there or not or if I am taking classes over the summer or not.