pic: Team 1345's wheel

Team 1345’s wheel for 2007 season.

My jaw dropped and I was thinking, “dang those are nice”. Then I realized that they are the base of the AM wheels and now I have to go make some since they look so nice!

This is genius… awesome work.

Nice, we used a similar material on our outer tires for the past 2 years. I believe it is Neoprene? It is significantly less grippy than the other rubber we use, only used the blue rubber because we were having trouble turning.

is that the supergrip blue from brecoflex???

if so how is the turning with those on the robot (also how many wheels would the robot have that it was tested on)

Those are from McMaster and it’s nitrile. I was worried that this material wouldn’t have any traction, but they do on the carpet as well as it gives you a smoother turn on a 6wd.

Not only do they do well on carpet, they also wear down much more slowly than natural rubber, the tan stuff.

Ever since I learned about this material’s usage on wheels and its amazing durability in '03, I have been curious what its coefficient of friction was. Does anyone have some numbers?

haha we used a similar material our first year running… not sure if we are this year or not

I know the tan roughtop and wedgetop hit right around the 1.2-1.3 mark. The blue nitrile roughtop, from what I could tell from 114’s swerve module at Cal Games, was a little less grippy.

What is the radius of the wheel with that smaller tread and the tread mounting removed?

The radius of the wheel with the actual tread was 3" and after removing the actual rubber and replacing it with nitrile roughtop, it’s 2.75".

Do you still know the part number for the tread? I haven’t been able to find it when searching for “tread” or “nitrile”

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s on page 1125 of the McMaster-Carr catalog, Nitrile Rough top incline conveyor belting, the part number depends on the width of belt you buy.