pic: Team 134's Robot!

So here it is, Team 134's robot. What do you think? Look for it at BAE in Manchester, March 3-5.

a few specs,

6wd FIRST kit gearboxes, pneumatic wheels, 80/20 arm with a globe motor to extend, vandoor to rotate up and down, and the grid colored thingy is our TKO (tetra knocker-offer)

feel free to ask any questions!

Just a quick addition, we’re a little overweight, so if you do go to BAE, don’t be suprised to see a few slight modifications to the design (nothing major).
Oh, and yes, any questions, PM me, post them on here, or IM me on AIM: JakeTeam134

where did you get those styling pink wheels? i need some for my truck!

I’m not sure where we got them, but we have a bunch :smiley:

I love the TKO, its just plain awesome; its like your robot can give high fives – I do have one question, is it possible to flip it to the other side?

Yes, it can flip. We just have it zip-tied into place right now, it’s mounted on a crossbrace with a hinge, but all we have to do to flip it around is cut off the zips, take off the nut holding the plate on and it will swivel around to the other side, ready to be secured. :smiley:

Team 1263 has the EXACT same sytlish pink wheels… we use them for our rack and pinion drive system.

Very well designed machince. I hope to see y’all in the Georgia Dome!

I’m curious about your arm. It looks pretty beefy and reliable. Those are some big mamma-jamma sprockets on there, what kind of motor/reduction are you using? Also, does your arm extend? It looks like you have those 80/20 sliding things on there. (Don’t know their technical name and even if I did I’d be hard pressed to remember at this hour :D)

EDIT: Oops I remembered I read it does extend, you are using the globe for that and the van door for your arm :smiley: Sorry, sleepy. Still curious about the reduction and 80/20 stuff though :slight_smile:

Ah, the wonderful Harbor Freight wheels. Those things smell good. <umm, Chinese rubber>

is that the final manipulator for your arm? or do you have something super-secret up your sleeve?

Nice pink wheels. :stuck_out_tongue: Goo job Jake and all the other 134ers!

thats our manipulator, it works like a champ

I’m pretty sure the reduction we have on the lifting sprockets works out to 24 to 1…but I’m not entirely sure…give me a chance tomorrow and I’ll know for sure. At any rate, it moves fast enough to cap in about 5 seconds and has enough power to lift 150 lbs easily. And yes, it does telescope :slight_smile:

NICE! i love the pink wheels…pink is the best color! yeahhhh jake and 134!