pic: Team 134's X-bot


more pictures and videos at:


See you all at the Granite State Regional, and Good Luck to everyone in our FIRST family!

Is this robot within the height limit, just wondering. It looks too tall!

It is well within the height limit. This robot was one of the best performers at Quincy. Good Job 134!

I didn’t get to see much from behind the curtain at Unveiling, but from what I saw, it shot very well.

Good job!

Let’s win River Rage this year :wink:

XBot? Hmm.

Maybe we should name our robot Cheesy Poof :wink:

We’ve already named our '07 robot Wildstang. Pretty catchy name, doncha think?

Just looking at it, i’m pretty sure this robot will do well. But could you fill us in more on how the mechanisms work?

Good luck at BAE