pic: Team 1350

This year we are using conveyor belting to pick-up and release the ball.

We have 4 wheel drive & tank drive with steerable font end.

Using craftsman socket universal joints and the Ackerman steering principle - we have named it “Crafts-Ackerman” Steering.

We also have used a set of cross country ski’s that raise and lower to knock the ball off the rack.

honestly thats the most creative use of materials i’ve seen this year awesome
almost as good as our dog toy in '05…

Well, hopefully those skis weren’t too expensive… :smiley:

The $10 we paid for a used set of skis was not a budget breaker

The skis should deploy down so your robot can go skiing or water skiing.

Am I able to purchase the same or similar skis for $10?

yes you can easily find old skis for 10 dollars. Those are pretty old which is why they got them so cheap.:cool:

i like the use of string

just dont get tangled:p

Yes I’m sure you could find a used pair of old skis for $10 or free!

Even if purchased as new skis, approx $100 - they would easily fall within our additional parts price limit.