pic: Team 1351 2010 Teaser

You’re using a tape measure to raise a hook to the bar, then winching up?

Anyone else have a bad flashback from 2003?

Anybody else try to see if the mouseover text worked?

Yes! Actually. lol


FatMax Extreme tape measure goes 13 feet horizontally before collapsing…

Good Luck!


Wasn’t it 2002, Zone Zeal?

yep, 2002. tongues, tapes, and tethered mini-bots…

original source, for those that want the mouse-over: http://xkcd.com/284/

I love our bumper that year, we could hit the goal as hard as we want yet was low enough to be able to push other teams tape measures out of the zone.

I wish I knew of a clever way to make a tape measure rigid… Not being able to solve such a problem doesn’t make me feel smart, and it’s certainly a compact solution.

I’m curious to see the exact solution they used here. 1712 prototyped a hanging device with a tape measurer, but ran into some issues with how the device telescoped.

using tape measure to hold onto the bar?:confused:

We have attached a fatmax measuring tape to a lightweight telescoping fishing pole. When aligned correctly, the tape would extend and collapse the fishing pole up to the whole length and the set up had enough rigidity to elevate decent size hook attached at the end.

i guess “in theory” you could take all the tape out & put a crease up the middle then roll it up on a roll. im guessing it could reach 1/3 farther than a regular tape measure