pic: Team 1351 Drop Down E-Plate

That looks really good, it’s definitely useful to have that. What are the dimensions of that robot?

[JOKE]10/10 Removable motherboard plate! (Wonder if anyone knows 3DGAMEMAN) [JOKE]

Are you sure this wouldn’t get loose due to strong impacts?

Yeah, how exactly is the plate secured?

We will be using rivet nuts. There will be 6 rivet nuts on the hinge, and another 6 on the welded pieces of mounting angle.

Here is a cool video to show how rivet nuts work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkPhGIaPCVs

This is a pretty cool concept. Rivet nuts are awesome for stuff like this.

What material / thickness is the board? Since it’s not doing much structural work you could probably do a relatively thin bit of polycarbonate or a composite.

The rivet nuts look cool! For the Crevolution design, the plates that the Jags are mounted to are lexan, and the one that the cRIO mounts to is 1/8 inch sheet mostly because the cRIO is heavy and I don’t want to take any chances here. the cRIO is mounted on its side too, but I think with the roboRIO you could probably make them all out of lexan.

We are using 0.090 Alum, but I am sure lexan could work just as well.

Cool! I may just have to try this idea…