pic: Team 1351 Presents 2 Chainz (Front)

Visit us at the Central Valley Regional and the Silicon Valley Regional!

Sleek looking robot, can we have some specs on the elevator? This is the first design of this kind fully revealed I believe. Also what do the pistons on the side do? Good luck!

Wow nice robot:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice robot. My team is gonna be mad when they realize another team already used the name 2 Chainz :stuck_out_tongue:

The drivetrain is a standard 4-cim West Coast Drive with a WCP SS gearbox (about 7 fps low gear; about 14 fps high gear). In the front of the chassis we have a thin, angled lexan piece (it is very difficult to see) that prevents pool noodles from getting crushed by the robot.

We have 10 bars connected onto two long #25 chain. Five of these bars have hooks to grab the totes, and five of the bars have nylon spaces to keep the totes from “sagging” too much and inhibiting us from grabbing the next tote. So it is one hook bar, followed by a bar with nylon spacers, followed by another hook bar, etc.

We also have a recycling can gripper that uses two small pneumatics to open and close the gripper arms. The gripper arms sit on two plates that also ride along the #25 chain. Both the can gripper and tote gripper are controlled by two-cims on a VexPro single-speed, double reduction gearbox

Finally, we have two pistons with cut tubing (that are angled slightly downward) to align totes.

EDIT: We also have two cameras. One mounted low in the chassis for vision, and one mounted higher for driver-aid/tote allignment.