pic: Team 135's 2015 Robot: Rosie

Our 2015 Robot: Rosie (Recycling Our Stacks Internally and Externally)

4 Wheel Mecanum Drive
Independent External Forklift and Internal Tote Stacker
Capable of scoring a 6-tote stack or a 5-tote stack with recycling bin
Capable of topping off partners’ tote stacks up to 5
Can score bins upright or sideways
Winner of the 2015 Kokomo District Event

Competing at Purdue, Indiana State Champs, and World Championships TBD.

Very solid robot!

Performance stats mid-season:
OPR ~53, OPR rank 30th overall (1812 competitors so far)
Indiana District points 76, highest single event total

Is your team averaging two caps per match? Stats suggest you are doing that.

It will be interesting to watch 135 at Purdue this weekend.

Yes, most matches (except those with a few mechanical problems) we built and capped two stacks of 5 totes with noodles. We are already working on improvements for Purdue.