pic: Team #1382 Betta Fishing

Our team #1382 fishing a Betta. Just to relax!
Is the motor a fisher too?

question - i see you have the FP motor mounted to the gearbox. What did you do to make that work? I ask because ours does not engage the pinion gear from the motor to the gear in the transmission. Did you replace the pinion gear with a larger one or did you mount it differently to the gearbox?

I’ve been looking for threads on doing this correctly but am having trouble finding anything.

Very clever, if a bit obvious. :slight_smile:

I’d think with 5 CIMs in the kit that more teams would be powering winches with them, but the FP still seems like a popular choice.

That was funny, I wish we had a betta fish in our labs. The nearest one is one floor up. (I think…)