pic: Team 1382 Eletronics Board

E-Board teaser for BenchTop Tests

look cool neatly organized ours is kinda messy haha:D

wow… its… soo… neat! nice job

im like legit really impressed. our board looks so messy compared to yours!!! nice job :smiley:

Wow thats neat. Our team always ends up with spaghetti wiring.

I am admiring, what looks like, plastic c-channel that you are using to route your wires. Did you just have some lying around your shop or did you buy some for your electronics board?

very impressive. its neat, well put together, and organized. this is what every electrical board should look like :slight_smile: nice job!

Hmmm this is a pretty good electronics board. You know are is always better but its ok. J/k. Great job. Very clean. Might have to steal some ideas.

Really neat!! :):cool:

A little off the subject, but how do teams like the jaguars so far.

I saw you have the four mounted on the board, sorry for my not knowing in the matter but what is the advantages of those compared to the victors.

I appreciate someone responding and explaining this to me. Thanks in advance.

The Jaguars provide several advantages over the old Victors.

First, their response is much, much more linear - this means you can have much better fine motor control at slow speeds. The Victors had a larger deadband (area in the middle where nothing happened), and after that an oddly shaped curve that could make programming and controlling a nightmare.

Second, the Jaguars have built in headers for limit switches. If you’re controlling an arm of some sorts, and there’s a point you don’t want the arm to move past, you can hook up a simple limit switch to the Jaguar and the Jaguar will stop the motor from moving past that, regardless of what the code is telling it to do. With the old Victors, you would have to make that type of stop an integral part of your code, which leads to the potential for problems.

Finally, the Jaguars have the ability to operate on a CAN bus (even though we can’t use it this year), which has a lot of potential for being really nice in future years.

So those are a lot of pro’s for the Jaguars over the Victors. And the only con (that we’ve found, at least) is that the Jaguars are about 3 times bigger than the Victors. They’re absolutely massive, but if you can find the space in your robot, they work really well.


We put 4 jaguars and a victor to do the benchtop tests.

Our Team bought them…every year we make an organized eletronic board to make more easier to team members identify problems and errors and to avoid damages on components.

WOW! Nice Job!!! :smiley:

wow…thats incredibly ligit…good one!
our electrical team is still trying to organize the board so it is all not messy (the classic electrical team ocd)

first of all…great looking e-board! i was just wondering how you mounted the crio onto the board. I looked arround and they dont really give any like mounting holes.

The baord looks great! We’re going to be using the C-channels as well so it’s nice to see how and how well they work.

Does look nice for bench testing, but you might want to seperate your data (unshielded PWM, Ethernet, ect.) lines from your power lines. EMI is a pesky pixie.:wink:

The mounting holes are obscured by the modules when they are installed. Remove the modules and the holes magically appear :slight_smile:

woah!! gotcha…thanks for the help. We did some testing and i had to use a bunch of zipties to mount it.

I like the look of this board, and the organization, but what happens when a wire has to be replaced? It just seems to me that it would take longer to replace a wire with all the holes to weave through and the zipties.