pic: Team #1382 Teaser - Gear Box

thats a pretty slick looking gearbox… willing to fill us all in with some details :smiley:

is it just me or do the gears have insanely large pitch? and do the gears have holes in them that just might make them a bit too weak? but looks VERY compact.

My guess is a 2 speed hardshifter. Also… I believe the gear pitches were exagerated to make it a teaser… to fog the view. I think the actual pitches will be, umm, normal.
Maybe I will be 2 for 2 on teasers this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it is, there are two gear teeth coming out of the end plate! :eek:

I maybe wrong but looks like that gearbox was drawn out in 3d studio max (a path that I have chosen to make gears back in my freshman year), those gears looks like they were made in max.

Ow!! The draw had a problem!!! The program which the team did the gear box doesn´t function very well :confused: however in the robot the gear box will be ok…

Thanks a lot!!

Good luck!