pic: Team 1388: Reach for the sky

Nice and high. Just imagine about 3 or 4 tetras under it.

Yes, the yellow thing is a ratchet tie down … it was replaced with a hard stop at about 10pm monday night, and the large box on the side of the lower arm, is the CMU Camera.

Not too bad considering the fact of how much smoke has come out of the FP motor this year. I’m guessing the motor has about half of the torque it had new, and it still can get a tetra up there. We’ll replace the motor in Sac :slight_smile:

Lesson learned: Don’t send a programmer who has nothing to do to “go build me a camera mount”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, dont let the programming mentor (not me :stuck_out_tongue: ) plug the TTL board in backwards … destroying it, 2 nights before the bot gets crated.

Honestly, the camera mount doesnt look that bad. I mean, there IS a stock, 1/2" drive ratchet on the other side (with a few mounting holes and a servo shifter). We gotta keep the look balanced :cool:

Besides, its not how it looks … its how it performs. If we wanted to assemble it in Sac (which … probally wouldnt of hurt us) we could of had it powdercoated :smiley: