pic: Team 1388: Teaser 2

Taken at the same time as teaser 1, but from a different angle. Power was removed for over a minute before this was taken.

Eyes . . . strangely . . . fixated . . on . . Maxi . . block.:ahh:

The giant vice is interesting as well.

…the robot is interesting as well.

:confused: robot? what robot?

The robot is from 2007… hence the maxi block. It just happened to be similar to our 2010 base, and have a removable arm, which made interfacing the prototype arm easy.

As for the vice, you can make your own conclusions … but was just for making the weight more accurate without the old arm on the bot.

You know…you really can’t LIFT the robot during the actual game :wink:

Who said it was being lifted by a human? Sure there are 2 people visible in the picture, but neither of them were actually touching the robot. The mechs on the arm are still being developed, so if something slipped it could of been ugly if someone wasn’t ready to catch it :wink:

I’m guessing something like this: