pic: Team 1388 Teaser #2


Continuing this year's trend of vague teaser pictures… what is it?

A spring on a pneumatic cylinder rod to keep it from knocking on its return?

If so, of what value is this to your design plan?


nah, i’m guessing its a cyclinder with a spring on, so that when you release the cylinder it has extra umph pushing perhaps an extension to a lifting arm?

Nope… good guess, though.

Not much, since we aren’t planning on having any air. :stuck_out_tongue:

ummm i guess no one ever told joey we wernt gonna use that. i guess he isnt important enough to know.

jumps up and down

Ooooo! I know! I know!

Something we’re not using :smiley:

It was actually going to be a tensioner for a cable … So … the next game we’re gunna play is “what do we need a cable for?”

I am guessing you need a cable to attach two things together. Though not necessarily.

ugh…cables…have fun.

I’m guessing to telescope something. That’s what we used it for last year in our boom.

Needless to say we are cable free this year after trying to rip our arm off multiple times(twice during an open house) because of an un-center joystick. Hearing the cable snap off your pulley is not a good sound.