pic: Team 1388: Teaser time.

So … how does it work!?

The bigger question: How does it load?

It sweeps out the competition!

is that COTS?? lol nice design

how does it work? with a sweeping motion?

Look how well the robot cleaned up the shop.

it drives past the rack where the ball is set, and it just drives stright, the first bar pushes the brissles back and then when it passes the first bar it knocks the ball off the rack. we have a very similar idea.

in fact our robot looks just like yours. but its all metal.

Does it do windows?

No … well … we have yet to try. When our “real” manipulator is installed, it will do more damage to windows than good. It’s a kick … (pun intended)


Kicker. They have videos in another thread. Though it could be used to sweep the floor…

Thanks Eric - yes … kicker.


That’s a very primitive version of this system - that video was taken a couple days after kickoff; much has developed since then, but you get the general idea.

As for grabbing the ball, you can see the 2 white PVC “arms” that are vertical in that picture … a little bit of magic, some electricity and a motor will make the ball “ready to kick” :cool:

cats beware!