pic: Team 1403 - 2006 Robot

Presenting, 1403's 2006 robot Sidewinder (at least thats the name I heard last)

Well anyway, this is the side view (it shoots our the side) it can hold about 15 balls. There isn't a turret that the shooter is mounted on, however the camera is working very well and positions the entire robot instead of using a turret.

You'll get to see it up close and personal at New Jersey, Boston, and down at the World Championships.

Any questions?

1403 would also like to take this time to put in a plug for our off season event, Monty Madness on May 20th. Registration and more information is available at MontyMadness.org

I’ve seen this bot in action and it looks awesome. Can’t wait to see you guys at NJ and Boston!

Umm why do you all have six wheels and only one on each side is geard. why dont you all have six wheel drive? :confused:

Great observation, the back and center wheels are both powered by 2 small cims each with a kit gearbox and geared a bit faster than the standard kit drive. The front wheel is a sliding wheel to help with turning and power distribution. The ground collector has a good bit of weight that would push down on the front wheel more, so to turn easier we just replaced the tread and nixed the sprockets on the custom delrin wheels so it would slide around more giving us more maneuverability, and we see maneuverability to be a big factor in this year’s game. We also wanted to stick with 6 wheels so it would be easier to get up the ramp and keep our balance in doing so.

this robot is insanely cool, look out at regionals for this awesome creation

excellent work 1403

I’m likin the elegent simplicity and the fact that it looks as if it was constructed without too much fancy CNC equipment.

Actually, a great deal of it was, we just didn’t really add too much to make it prominant, the shooter unit, the wheels, the U channel that goes all the way up the frame, all of those were CNC’d at one point. As for the holes and everything, we didn’t plan far enough ahead to do that. But its simple, and right now it works completely, the only thing left to do is to add a few tweaks here and there. In the end, we didn’t use our CNC resources to the fullest extent, but I do hope a CNC plasma cutter or CNC waterjet become available to us soon.

Currently it is weighing in at 119.5, which leaves us breathing room, but not much.

More pictures here

Looks great guys,
I hope we get a chance to play with you at some point, best of luck this season.


looks like my blackmail pictures of your robot are useless
they are really great maneuverability and an awesome shooter
their robot took out part of our field with out even trying

Its OK guys we forgive you

can’t wait till Trenton and Boston

I like the delrin wheels, but I still think they are too big :wink:

Looks nice. It’s a good thing you are slightly underweight - you’ll probably have to install a guard over the outer part of the shooter wheel.

I’m interested in your pillow blocks. I can’t tell from the photo- are they aluminum? Stock or custom? They look much lighter in weight than the ones we use - like 2-3 pounds worth for all 6.

Best of luck to you.

We went with 6 inch diameter because of a few reasons, first off we had it. Also I was looking into doing a 4" or 5" wheel but we opted out because we wanted faster acceleration as well the whole ground clearance issue with getting on the ramp and picking up balls off the ground easily.

Yeah, right now we have a small guard on the front of the wheel, as you can see here maybe we’ll enlargen it, we are also considering using our extra weight to add bumpers, but thats yet to be decided.

The pillow blocks are custom 1/4" aluminum. They have a 1" bore and we shrunk that down with a brass bushing and then used 3/4" keyed steel shafts (we had issues last year with 1/2" steel axles, so we decided to beef it up this year) I’ll try to get a better picture of the wheels mounted sometime after we get the robot in NJ next week.

Thanks for the feed back and See you guys in Trenton, Boston, and Atlanta!

Thank you everyone for the compliments. Everyone on our team worked hard to get this done and we are more than happy with the results. Best of luck to everyone competing this year!

GO 1403!!!

Nice work guys!

I remember your last year robot from the Buckeye Regional and I loved that thing. I hope you are just as successful this year!

In fact… I even scouted you guys…

hey are you guys going to the trenton regional if so come check us out team 1676

We’d like to get another Dremel and a couple of new metal files for next season…

Conor, Conor, Conor…

You of all people should know bumpers don’t count towards the 120 pound limit.