pic: Team 1403 Captains


From left to right…
Bob Kazan - Electrical Captain
Nick Trahalides - Mechanical Captain
Aroon Amarnani (me) - Team Captain
Abhi Devineni - Design Captain

After an awesome/tiring past few years, the seniors enjoy what could be one of their last big wins, the Engineering Inspiration Award, before we graduate.

Missing from the pic is Conor Ryan.

I finally got a new WAI!!!

Aroon, i better not hear anything about you being all wet and embrassing your self infront of many girls again i atlanta. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahahaha Nick’s face is PRICELESS!
I also adore how Aroon is the ONLY one looking at the camera!

haha… yea. you have no idea how tired all of us were. by the end of it, spacing out was all we could do. see everyone in atlanta!

Well I’m glad our team decided on CougarTech over Cougar Robotics earlier this year. It would be awckward at ATL…

yea haha…

I was thinking the same thing! Or maybe Aroon is just so awesome he is really looking at all the cameras :yikes: Lol

Hey Aroon it is amanda harding from team 103! i seriously think that you should just join or team cause you know you went to all our team meetings and all at atlanta! Cant wait for monty madness!