pic: Team 1403 in the heat of battle (Boston)

Thanks for this great pic Joe!

The picture came out kinda small… oh well.

This was us in one of the qualifying matches. I am in the center and my co-pilot is to the left and my coach to the right. Boston was fun!

Thanks to Joe Menassa from 121 for the pic!

This is a great photo. It was one of the first one’s of Joe’s that caught my attention. This is one of those photos that FIRST would use in a new promo video.

Wats with the backpack all the time?

My strategy stuff is in there! We sometimes talk to our allies as close as a few minutes before our match due to some factors. I need to always have strategy stuff at an arm’s length away. I asked the refs and they said that having the backpack behind the player station during a match was no problem at all. I did get a lot of funny comments for it though. :slight_smile:

It’s Aroon’s security blanket. He doesn’t leave home without it!!! In addition to scouting material, he has his “Aroon is so cool fan club mail”, bottled energy, and lunar shoes so that when he’s pumping up the crowd to thank the mentors he has a bit of extra height in his jump.

All kidding aside. This is a great photo of a hard working drive crew. Way to go Cougar Robotics.

Why four joysticks?

2 are for to drive the robot (one on each side), and then 1 controls our arm and the other one controls the wrist on the end of the arm. The Buttons on all of the joysticks control each of the 4 pneumatic actuators on the robot.

Here are some more pictures:

Not all the buttons be used though. Hey Aroon can i buy one of your “fan club kits”?

I luv how you and Mr. Ryan are so into it and Abhi is all cool and relaxed.

I never lose my cool. You shoulda seen me at the end of match 24 in boston. I was so sure i had it that i just tucked in the manipulator and let Aroon play defense to stop the spoiler. Te last 30 seconds of the match or so I am just sitting there chilling.

Next year, when Aroon comes to visit, we’ll all do the “aroon”…lol :slight_smile: and then party boy him

I don’t know if others have noticed this, but it has come to my attention that Aroon has the same appearance in all his pics where he is driving :rolleyes: lol