pic: Team 1405 hanging

Hopefully things are a little clearer this time. Side panels are on, and we've done a lot of tweaking on the arm since the last picture. We've also added 20lbs of dead weight. It can succesfully lift the robot and a 150lb student. Dead Reackoning autonomous is done as well, and just needs to be tweaked in the real conditions.

Stop by and see us at Annapolis :slight_smile:

wow you guys, nice job…we’ll see ya at Chesapeake Regionals! :smiley:

Looks like someone is hanging from a basketball hoop :slight_smile: Which is a good thing, since you have extra reach if you need to reach from the floor, since the bar is actually 9 feet from the top platform.

We’re actually hanging from the supporting bar of the backboard, which is 9’ 4" from the ground. However, we only reach 9’3". That picture was staged.