pic: Team 1410 STEAMWORKS Teaser

Catch the (mostly) complete robot during FRC Premiere Night 2/25 starting at 5:00 PM Mountain Time.

Looks great, I wish I wish I was there to see it at the scrimmage.:frowning: Best of luck at St. Louis and Denver!

What is the backing on the intake made from? It looks really interesting.

That looks like the Twinwall Polycarb that we have used before that Laird Plastics has donated. It has baffles in it that make it stiffer, but it is much lighter than solid lexan. Also, you can slide lights inside. Nifty stuff.

Here is an example.

Am I right?

You are indeed correct. I would be lying if I said the light slidability was not the main reason we chose it.

We will miss you guys in Utah, but of course we will always have Denver. Best of luck in St. Louis! I can’t wait to see the whole bot.

Can’t wait to see it in person at Denver! Best of luck to you! As well as all the Colorado teams!

That’s a lot of LEDs.

Good luck to you guys in St. Louis. We’ll see you in Denver. Good luck to all other CO teams as well!