pic: Team 1410 Teaser 1


With our robot CAD finished, shooter build near finished, and climber well under way, here are some teasers.

Looks good! It appears to be a corner climber. I think the two half-circle bits in the middle are part of the tail-dragger assembly. There are two of them so that they can be actuated and stage their way over the pyramid gusset. Am I close?

More than close, that’s absolutely right (and way more than I expected on a first guess). I’m currently doing a final render of the whole bot which I’ll upload soon, but the rest of the system is pretty self explanatory. These hooks lift us, those hooks keep us there, etc. Instead of using heavy pneumatic arms, we just used a power take off gearbox.(http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/38524).