pic: Team 1410 Teaser 2


With our robot CAD finished, shooter build near finished, and climber well under way, here are some teasers.

Power Take off possibly? Hence the two sprockets with different alignments…

Maybe switching of power from drive to climbing mech?

That’s the basic idea of power take-off, adding an application or switching the application of the motor. Kind of like gear shifting, except instead of switching gear ratios, it changes outputs of the motor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_take-off

Yep, this gearbox gives us a reduction of about 12:1 to drive (on 6’’ performance wheels) and about 16:1 to the climber. One gearbox and lifter arm were able to lift 70+ lbs in our testing.

In case anyone was wondering, we chose to go with 4 rather than 6 cims for the PTO because math told us we could, and cims are always useful for other mechanisms.