pic: Team 1414 Multi-lift! Upto 17ft! Sweeeeeeet!


Our robot has the ability to lift 3 (maybe 4!) tetras without having to resort to photoshop!!!

1.) Are they just resting on a piece of metal, or is there some sort of groove or gripp to prevent the tetras to fall off?
2.) Is that a turntable on the bottom of the arm?

The tetras were only lifted when stationary, and we havent yet engineered a groove or grip;
That is in fact a turntable… it plays music, we engineered the wires so that when they brush against each other they play music (no that last part’s just playing)

I assume you mean the top of the lift goes to 17 feet, right? I don’t suppose you would actually want to lift tetras that high.

that seems like it’d be really high…too high for all practical purposes.

this robot was a very good, to bad about those crappy alliances

i think only game they won was with us (538) i seen them cap 3 at a time