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hahahah, thats pretty funny, and a good idea. Im assuming you cut a cd not just used a gear and put the label on it. If thats what you did, how’d you cut it

I’ll guess that you glued the cd to the gear. The only thing I’ve ever done with those cds you get in the mail is use them for coasters! :stuck_out_tongue:

My sister collects them and uses them as wall decorations (she likes the pretty colors). Whenever I get one, I just throw it into her room.

That is definately a very creative use for one of those cds. Most people just trash them in some way. That is the best used AOL cd I have ever seen.

I liked it better when AOL gave out 3.5" disks with their instal on it.
I used to just reformat them, peel off the label and use them for good!!

I liked it better when AOL gave out 3.5" disks with their instal on it.

3.5’s are outdated though. AOL only did everyone a favor by moving to CD, and helping the progression of technology, instead of stalling on trusty old systems.

Edit - Did I really just say AOL did something good?

Somebody once collected all the Cd’s he got and his friends and families and stuff and send it back to AOL. He collected around 10,000.

I personally think the AOL cds make the best frisbees.

Lets just say this mechanism as a whole is much more intesting than the AOL CD itself.

Thank you for your recognition.
We used a drill press and a piece of plywood. A pin was pressed 0.375" next to the drill bit hole in the plywood. Operating the drill bit in high speed, I did cut the teeth into the CD.
Regards, Stefan, Team 1414 Mentor

I commend you for your creativity and craftmans ship, best use of anything aol has created. Too bad you didnt wait untill they got those top speed discs out haha !!

Haha. We actually also used AOL CDs on our robot. But we used 9.0 :wink: We glued paper wheel-encoder printouts and attached the CDs to our rear wheels. They work really well :wink:

But we used 9.0

That must be stronger AND lighter than the 8.0 disc 1414 is using :smiley: !!

hahaha I always knew that they would be good for something someday…